Hi, I'm Tavin!

Live from snowy Colorado🏔, I'm trying to make good things with technology. Wanna talk?📧

Right now I'm...

🦬 Studying CS at University of Colorado Boulder

👀 Building super-secret new stuff (stick around)

🧋 Using computing for good with Blueprint Boulder

📻 Skyrocketing my playlist count

Why I'm here

There are just enough ways to look at life, but one of them is purpose. I do not think of myself as wise, and I kinda suspect wisdom is more of a tradeoff than a personality trait, but I'll go ahead and disavow it completely.

I'm here to educate the naive and curious inside of me, and use that education to make the world a better place to be. Ambitious, right?

Well, change is just successful ambition. And that adjective is what people seem to get caught on the most. Everybody has dreams. Most people believe in them, to some degree. Many people have the means to at least try them. How many actually do is less estimable.

I know, at least, that I'm one of them.

So... what am I actually doing?

Great question! If only I could answer it concisely.

If you care about the product of my work, check out what I'm building.

If you want to see the reason behind it, check out what I'm thinking.

I am constantly fighting the great wave of stuff, so if these status updates just disappear, I'm probably in my Wikipedia deep-dive era... again. You can always hit me up to check in (I'm not that scary, I want to talk)!

I just want to see [document]

Very glad you're interested!

The best representation of my work, passions, and other traits that I, a silly young person with no hiring experience, would consider in somebody is on my projects page.

You can get my résumé here or CV on request, or shoot me a quick email so I can point you to the right places. Don't worry about sounding professional or fancy – I'm a human, all you need to be is nice.